The Carolina Center Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Treatment has expanded our care into Montana, and we are now accepting new clients. Our Consultants will travel to you and provide both in-home and school-based services. Contact us today!

Carolina Center for ABA and Autism Treatment (CCABA) was founded in 2006 by a team of professionals who specialize in working with children with Autism. We now have 5 clinics throughout North Carolina and have expanded into Maryland (Maryland Center for ABA and Autism Treatment) and Montana (Montana Center for ABA and Autism Treatment) in late 2014. Through the use of our unique assessment techniques, we can identify the methods that will inspire, stimulate, and connect with your child. We help your child achieve success during each tutoring/consulting session. We believe that success builds upon itself. We teach skills that will help your child achieve success on his or her own. Our program is enjoyable, and not a chore; children have so much fun, they don't even realize they're learning. We pride ourselves on teaching independence through communication and providing tools children need to build a repertoire of skills that will help them reach their full potential. Our programs are completely individualized and tailored to each child's needs. Our centers utilize errorless teaching techniques and principles derived from Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior.

Our programs focus on functional communication and related skills. We work with both children who are "early learners" as well as those who may not have necessary skills to communicate, but need a stronger conversational/social repertoire. We believe that motivation is key in the learning experience and without it, very little can be accomplished. It is our job to find or create the motivation for this learning. Through our errorless teaching, we maintain this motivation and strive help each child find the fun in learning. Progress is measured daily and goals/programming are updated as soon as mastery criterion is met. We pride ourselves on the use of evidence-based practice and are passionate about the field of Behavior Analysis and the work that we do every day.

Our team of trained and highly dedicated professionals strive to make learning an experience each child enjoys. Our Consultants pride themselves on the strength of their programming and training abilities. Our Consultants are Board Certified Behavior Analysts, or Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts and are supervised under the direction a licensed Psychologist. Our Behavior Technicians complete training specific to ABA/Verbal behavior and are intensely supervised under the direction of a Behavior Analyst. We feel that our "team approach" to teaching is not only effective, but a key factor in the success of every child that we serve. We offer Consultation, 1:1 Tutoring services, and Social Skills Groups. Seminars and large group training is also available upon request.

Contact us today for more information or Apply for Services! We look forward to working with you!