Coaches Corner: Problem Solving Through Self-Management and Adaptability

Coaches Corner: Problem Solving Through Self-Management and Adaptability

A self-management system must meet your current needs, including flexibility to complete your goals and manage erupting barriers. Life is a fluid process with no two weeks or days presenting the same topography. Collecting data on how well the system meets your needs will allow you to improve your management skills and overall work performance. According to LeBlanc (2020), “New demands in personal and professional life require development of new strategies and systems; failure to do so likely results in feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Self-detecting stress or failure to meet commitments can be difficult. It requires self-monitoring, self-reflection, and judgment-free honesty about performance.” To create a personalized system, layout all appointments for the month. Consider what time of day you perform the best. Include time to respond to emails and organize your work tasks.  

Do not forget to consider How much time you need to complete paperwork, drive to appointments, and eat. Create time blocks across each day and input these items. Now add in an hour a day to rest or catch up on missed work due to emergencies. Do not include the weekend and set a hard stop time to ensure rest and time blocks for self-care. At the end of the week, record if goals were met, barriers that occurred, and your thoughts about the system. Use this information to improve the next schedule. Remember that adaptability is key. This system and your management skills will continue to evolve and grow. 



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