Companies with Self-Funded Health Plans


There are a number of Fortune 500 and other nationwide companies that provide coverage for autism services and in many cases Applied Behavior Analysis. According to the 2013 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, 82% of large employers offer diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, with 36% offering coverage for intensive behavioral therapies, which was up from 32% in 2012.  These companies self-insure their health plans, which exempts them from state insurance regulations and statues, such as autism insurance reform laws. In 2015, Nike, Bank of America, JetBlue Airways, Comcast, and others announced plans to provide coverage for behavioral health treatment for autism to their employee health plans. This is in addition to dozens of other companies who have provided similar coverage for years.

In addition to attracting new employees, improving employee satisfaction, and garnering positive publicity, the gradual increase in the number of companies providing coverage for autism-related treatments likely stems from a combination of an increased autism prevalence rate, evidence-based research demonstrating the effectiveness of ABA therapy, and an increase in the number of states that provide coverage for autism services. As an employee, you should consult your employee benefits manual or speak with a human resources officer at your company for details regarding potential coverage for autism services. Autism Speaks has published a list of companies currently offering ABA benefits, and you can access that list here (Autism Speaks_self funded companies list).

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