ABA Insights: What is Caregiver Training?

ABA Insights: What is Caregiver Training?

In ABA treatment, several different services are provided to help aid in reaching a client’s long-term treatment goals. One of these services provided by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is caregiver training.  The purpose of caregiver training is to work to teach caregivers the same strategies that BCBAs and RBTs use in ABA sessions.  By caregivers learning ABA treatment strategies, caregivers are able to ensure generalization and maintenance of skills outside of ABA sessions.  In addition, by learning treatment strategies, caregivers will be able to use these skills to continue teaching their child once a family has transitioned out of ABA services. There is some research that indicates that without active participation in caregiver training, it is often more difficult for skills to generalize outside of ABA services. 

The frequency and duration of caregiver training services will vary on a case-by-case basis. At CCABA, BCBAs will aim to conduct caregiver training at least once per month. By conducting family training often, collaboration between a client, family, BCBA, and RBT is more successful. This leads to identifying most effective and preferred treatment strategies and goals, making ABA treatment more effective and enjoyable for the client.   

Active caregiver participation helps to maximize success within ABA treatment.  At CCABA, caregivers are involved in every aspect of their child’s treatment to help reach this maximal success.  The caregiver training sessions are individualized to meet the needs of the family’s needs. To learn more about CCABA’s family training services, please visit our website.   

Written By: Lauren Broadwell, BCBA